News – Lo Moon – I Wish You Way More Than Luck

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Lo Moon a annoncé la sortie son nouvel album baptisé  “I Wish You Way More Than Luck“.

Matt Lowell (guitar/vocals), Crisanta Baker (synth/bass/samples), Sam Stewart (guitar) et Sterling Laws (drums) publieront leur troisième opus  le 5 avril 2024 via Thirty Tigers / The Orchard.

Le groupe a dévoilé le single  « Water ».


Tracklist – I Wish You Way More Than Luck:

1. Borrowed Hills
2. Waiting A Lifetime
3. Connecticut
4. When The Kids Are Gone
5. Water
6. Day Old News
7. Mary In The Woods
8. Evidence
9. The Chapel
10. Honest

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side