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News – The Twilight Singers – Black Out the Windows/Ladies and Gentlemen, The Twilight Singers | Romu Rocks

News – The Twilight Singers – Black Out the Windows/Ladies and Gentlemen, The Twilight Singers

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The Twilight Singers annoncent la sortie d’un coffret de 13 vinyles comprenant des versions remasterisées de tous les albums du groupe et un disque bonus de titres rares et inédits.

Intitulé Black Out the Windows/Ladies and Gentlemen, The Twilight Singers, le coffret comprend six doubles LP et un EP, tous pressés sur un vinyle transparent avec une gravure picturale sur chacune des faces D.

L’ensemble est disponible en pré-commande chez One Little Independent Records au Royaume-Uni pour 400 £, soit environ 466€. Toute commande passée avant le 15 juillet recevra une lettre signée de Greg Dulli.

La collection comprend des versions remastérisées de chacun des cinq albums des Twilight SingersTwilight As Played By The Twilight Singers (2000), Blackberry Belle (2003), She Loves You (2004), Powder Burns (2006) et Dynamite Steps (2011) – ainsi que l’EP A Stitch In Time ( 2006) et l’album bonus, Etcetera.

La compilation Etcetera comprend 11 titres rares et inédits, dont des reprises “Paper Thin Hotel” de Leonard Cohen et “When Doves Cry” de Prince.




Twilight As Played By The Twilight Singers
A1. “The Twilite Kid”
A2. “That’s Just How That Bird Sings”
A3. “Clyde”
A4. “King Only”

B1. “Love”
B2. “Annie Mae”
B3. “Vertie-Marte”
B4. “Last Temptation”

C1. “Railroad Lullaby”
C2. “East 17”
C3. “Into The Streets”
C4. “Twilight”


Blackberry Belle
A1. “Martin Eden”
A2. “Esta Noche”
A3. “Teenage Wristband”
A4. “St. Gregory”

B1. “The Killer”
B2. “Decatur St.”
B3. “Papillon”

C1. “Follow You Down”
C2. “Feathers”
C3. “Fat City (Slight Return)”
C4. “Number Nine”


She Loves You
A1. “Feeling Of Gaze”
A2. “Too Tough To Die”
A3. “Hyperballad”
A4. “Strange Fruit”

B1. “What Makes You Think You’re The One”
B2. “Real Love”
B3. “Hard Time Killing Floor”
B4. “A Love Supreme”

C1. “Please Stay (Once You Go Away)”
C2. “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair”
C3. “Summertime”
C4. “Her Majesty”


Powder Burns
A1. “Toward The Waves”
A2. “I’m Ready”
A3. “There’s Been An Accident”
A4. “Bonnie Brae”

B1. “Forty Dollars”
B2. “Candy Cane Crawl”
B3. “Underneath The Waves”
B4. “My Time (Has Come)”

C1. “Dead To Rights”
C2. “The Conversation”
C3. “Powder Burns”
C4. “I Wish I Was”


A Stich In Time
A1. “Live With Me”
A2. “Sublime”
A3. “Flashback”

B1. “They Ride”
B2. “The Lure Would Prove Too Much”


Dynamite Steps
A1. “Last Night In Town”
A2. “Be Invited”
A3. “Waves”
A4. “Get Lucky”

B1. “On The Corner”
B2. “Gunshots”
B3. “She Was Stolen”
B4. “Blackbird & The Fox”

C1. “Never Seen No Devil”
C2. “The Beginning Of The End”
C3. “Dynamite Steps”


A1. “Black Love”
A2. “A Glass Of You”
A3. “Deepest Shade”
A4. “Fair Colonus”

B1. “Domani”
B2. “Two Kinds”
B3. “Andiamo”
B4. “Candy Cane Crawl” (Fast Version)

C1. “Paper Thin Hotel”
C2. “When Doves Cry”
C3. “Don’t Call”

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side