News – Script of the 40th Bridge – The Chameleons Italian Tribute

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Darkitalia sortira “Script of the 40th Bridge – The Chameleons Italian Tribute” le 1er août prochain.

La compilation rend hommage à Script of the Bridge, le premier album du groupe post-punk britannique qui fête ses 40 ans cette année.

Le groupe post-punk italien The Black Veils a partagé sa reprise du classique, Up the Down Escalator.


Tracklist – Script of the 40th Bridge – The Chameleons Italian Tribute:

  1. Les Longs Adieux – Don’t Fall
  2. Two Moons – Here Today
  3. Secret Sight – Monkeyland
  4. Selfishadows – Second Skin
  5. The Black Veils – Up the Down Escalator
  6. DegHerl – Less Than Human
  7. Darvaza Wave – Pleasure and Pain
  8. Emil Moonstone & the Anomalies – Thursday’s Child
  9. Stella Diana – As High As You Can Go
  10. Sacred Legion – A Person Isn’t Safe Anywhere These Days
  11. Vidi Aquam – Paper Tigers
  12. Red Mishima – View from a Hill (feat. Thomas P.)
  13. A Silent Noise – Intrigue in Tangiers
  14. This Eternal Decay – The Fan And The Bellows
  15. Zeitmaschine – Lufthansa
  16. NOKTVA – In Shreds
  17. Felpa feat. gregorsamsaestmort – P.S. Goodbye


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