News – The Clientele – I Am Not There Anymore

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The Clientele a annoncé la sortie le 28 juillet 2023 de son nouvel album, I Am Not There Anymore, sept ans après son prédécesseur Music For The Age Of Miracles.

Le groupe d’Alasdair MacLean a dévoilé le premier extrait “Blue Over Blue“.


01 “Fables Of The Silverlink”
02 “Radial B
03 “Garden Eye Mantra”
04 “Segue 4 (iv)”
05 “Lady Grey”
06 “Dying In May”
07 “Conjuring Summer In”
08 “Radial C (Nocturne For Three Trees)”
09 “Blue Over Blue”
10 “Radial E”
11 “Claire’s Not Real”
12 “My Childhood”
13 “Chalk Flowers”
14 “Radial H”
15 “Hey Siobhan”
16 “Stems Of Anise”
17 “Through The Roses”
18 “I Dreamed Of You, Maria”
19 “The Village Is Always On Fire”


You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side