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News – Luke Haines & Peter Buck – Psychedelic Sitar Casual | Romu Rocks

News – Luke Haines & Peter Buck – Psychedelic Sitar Casual

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Luke Haines & Peter Buck publieront leur deuxième album collaboratif, All The Kids Are Super Bummed Out le 28 octobre via Cherry Red Records.

Pour son enregistrement, le chanteur de The Auteurs et le guitariste de R.E.M. ont fait appel à Scott McCaughey (The Young Fresh Fellows) à la basse, Linda Pitmon (The Baseball Project ) au tambour, et Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group) à la guitare.

Luke Haines & Peter Buck ont partagé un premier extrait intitulé Psychedelic Sitar Casual.

A découvrir ci-dessous:


Side 1
01 “The British Army On LSD”
02 “The Skies Are Full Of Insane Machines”
03 “Sunstroke”
04 “45 Revolutions”

Side 2
01 “Won’t Even Get Out Of Bed”
02 “Psychedelic Sitar Casual”
03 “Subterranean Earth Stomp”
04 “The Commies Are Coming”
05 “The First Time I Met God”

Side 3
01 “Minimalist House Burns”
02 “Exit Space (All The Kids Are Super Bummed Out)”
03 “Iranian Embassy Siege”

Side 4
01 “You’re My Kind Of Guru”
02 “Flying People”
03 “Diary Of A Crap Artist”
04 “And We Will”
05 “Waiting For The UFOs”

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side