News – UNKLE – The Road : Part II / Lost Highway

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UNKLE a officialisé la sortie de son nouvel album baptisé The Road : Part II / Lost Highway. Il sera dans les bacs le 29 mars 2019 via Songs For The Def.

The Road : Part II / Lost Highway comportera vingt-deux titres répartis sur deux disques. En outre, UNKLE bénéficiera des participations de Tom Smith (Editors), Mick Jones (The Clash) ou Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit) :

Iter VI : Prologue
Requiem (When You Talk Love)
Ar.Mour (Album Version) (featuring Elliott Power and Miink)
Iter VII : Lost
The Other Side (featuring Tom Smith and Philip Sheppard)
Feel More / With Less
Nothing To Give
Iter VIII : However Vast The Darkness
Long Gone
Only You
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (featuring Keaton Henson)

Iter IX : Epilogue / Tales Of The City
Crucifixion / A Prophet
Powder Man
Kubrick (featuring Mick Jones)
Sun (The)
Find an Outsider
Iter X : Found
Days And Nights
Iter XI : In Your Arms
Touch Me (featuring Liela Moss)


Dernièrement, nous vous présentions leur nouveau single The other side avec Tom Smith, chanteur d’Editors.

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side